Pantene is travel sized hairspray and the green is shower gel. Price is for all.
Dial Hand Soap 7.5 fl.oz (10 available: 4- coconut water & mango, 3- spring water, 3- gold antibacterial) @ $0.75 each or 3 for $2
Body wash 15oz. for $0.75 each (13 available: 4-ocean breeze, 3- sweet pea & violet, 2- almond verbena, 4-Men's 2N1)
Many varieties are totally vegan. We believe in listing out each ingredient, even the essential oil blend, realizing that transparency is everything to the consumer. Our Spa Minerals are made with essential oils and natural salts from around the world including the beautiful Himalayan Pink salt. The lotions, cremes, scrubs, lip balm, and the other products are made with the best available natur...
I have lots of different size luvs diapers they are $5 each . All febreze in this post is $1.50 each . I have huggies and pampers and luvs baby wipes they are all $1.50 each . I have shampoo & conditioner sets of herbal essence , Pantene and garnier they are $4 per set . I have a lot more than shown sorry all are in tubs ready for crossville sale this coming weekend